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  • Summer 2017 Creature Decks & Accessories

    by Eastern Skate | July 19, 2017
    The wait is over!  All of the newest Creature decks, headwear, shirts, and accessories are here and ready to fill those orders. Also, be sure to catch the Creature crew on…read more
  • New Scumco & Sons Decks

    by Eastern Skate | July 18, 2017
    The numbers are in and all expert predictions say the time to invest in Scumco & Sons is now!!  Freshly-scraped Scumco & Sons decks have just landed and are ready…read more
  • New One-Offs From Girl

    by Eastern Skate | July 17, 2017
    The newest round of pro one-offs from Girl are here and ready to ship to shops nationwide!  See them all here.read more
  • New Brand – Riptide

    by Eastern Skate | July 13, 2017
    Riptide is a skater-owned microbrewery-style company that produces hand-crafted urethane compounds in small batches right in California.  With close inspection at every level of production, the Riptide crew specializes in custom…read more
  • New Actions REALized Decks From REAL Skateboards

    by Eastern Skate | July 12, 2017
    Actions REALized is Real's way of using skateboarding to give back to the community as well as support the cause of various non-profit organizations.  Each of these United We Stand decks…read more
  • New One-Offs From Chocolate

    by Eastern Skate | July 11, 2017
    Fresh pro one-offs are in from Chocolate!  Stock up on other Chocolate accessories here.read more
  • New Brands – Omen Longboards & Free Wheel Co.

    by Eastern Skate | July 7, 2017
    We're stoked to add two new companies to our ever-growing list of brands: Omen Longboards & Free Wheel Co.!  High quality longboards, wheels, and bearings handmade right here in America!read more
  • Deathwish Summer 2017

    by Eastern Skate | July 6, 2017
    Deathwish's summer 2017 deck range has just hit our shelves and is ready for shops nationwide!  Also make sure to check out the latest episode of Thrasher's King of the Road…read more
  • Loads Of New Baker Wood

    by Eastern Skate | July 5, 2017
    Baker just dropped off a crazy selection of new decks from their summer 2017 catalog including this awesome pro series featuring graphics by award-winning animator JJ Villard.  See our full Baker…read more
  • Dusters California Summer 2017 Cruisers

    by Eastern Skate | June 30, 2017
    Freshen up that cruiser selection with the full range of new pre-assembled completes from Dusters California!read more
  • Fresh Fancy Lad Decks

    by Eastern Skate | June 29, 2017
    Fancy Lad's summer 2017 decks are here!  Limited quantities so don't wait!read more
  • Darkstar Throwback Series And More

    by Eastern Skate | June 28, 2017
    Darkstar's thrown it back to 1997 with these limited edition re-released OG pro models as well as some great price-point decks and completes from their summer 2017 catalog.  Load up on…read more
  • New Skate & Surf Racks From Beatnik

    by Eastern Skate | June 27, 2017
    The fine folks at Beatnik have been making wooden surfboard wall racks carved by hand from non-endangered trees for years, so their decision to start making skateboard racks seemed like a no-brainer!…read more
  • Enjoi Summer 2017

    by Eastern Skate | June 26, 2017
    Skaters and Bronies unite!  Enjoi reminds us all that "friendship is magic" with these official My Little Pony decks from their new summer lineup!  Whether it's their new decks, completes, or accessories,…read more
  • Summer 2017 Drops From Blind

    by Eastern Skate | June 23, 2017
    Blind is back with new decks, price-point completes, and accessories from their summer 2017 catalog!  Not to mention the revival of their classic 90's jeans for all those fans of nostalgia out there!  read more
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