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Huge Batch Of New & Restocked 3D Fins


3d Fins is back with their field-tested fins including their all new Fastlite series along with fresh pro models for Jamie O’Brien, Izzi Gomez, and, Giorgio Gomez!  3d’s patented “Dimple Technology” has proved to have less drag and more drive while the latest pro model for Jamie O’Brien features a groundbreaking “Channel Tip” tech that reduce tip turbulence and results in better hold and increased speed.  If your shop serves the surf crowd, 3d Fins are a must-have!  Check out our full 3d Fin selection here.

Ocean & Earth Surf Accessories Now In


We’re beyond stoked to welcome one of the world’s leaders in quality and innovative surf gear back under our roof!  Ocean & Earth has been producing the world’s best surf leashes since 1978 and has since continued to grow its range of surf accessories to include everything surf-related you can think of!  We just stocked up their board bags, leashes, roof racks & tie-down straps with plenty more accessories on the way soon!  Be sure to check our site for updates as we’ll be getting in more premium Ocean & Earth gear in the next few weeks!

Ocean and Earth was established in 1978 by Brian Cregan in Australia, on the South Coast of N.S.W. The first product manufactured and sold was a surfboard leash, which Brian a travelling Australian pro surfer at the time, saw a need for a better leash. Using better urethane material and adding the rail saver, the Ocean and Earth leash became the most popular leash in Australia. From this initial product, other surf hardware accessories were added to the range over the years, including surfboard covers, wax, car racks, softboards, wetsuits and apparel. Ocean and Earth is now sold in over 40 countries world wide.

New Brand – Shark Shield


Shark Shield is for professional adventurers. It is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for locating food. Shark Shield’s unique three-dimensional electrical waveform turns sharks away by causing unbearable spasms in these sensitive receptors. Used by professionals, such as navies  round the world, Shark Shield is a safety device providing peace of mind, while supporting the conservation of sharks. If you’re serious about adventure, you wear a Shark Shield. Click here for more information on the Shark Shield and how it works!

M Essentials Wetsuit Care


Wetsuit season is here and if you’re one of our many surf accounts, you’ll definitely want to keep M Essentials wetsuit accessories in stock!  M Essentials offers tons of great accessories for the surf crowd to clean, repair, and seal their wetsuits all winter long!  Don’t forget to check out our full selection of wetsuit accessories here.

New DMC Repellor Swim Fins


The REPELLOR® is DMCfins’ newest Patent Pending swimfin design.  With its ultra-comfortable – universal foot cavity and Innovative RVR (Reverse VEE Rail) Technology, the REPELLOR® is a high-end OCEAN A.P.D. (Aquatic Propulsion Device) for use in all facets of surf requirements.  Bodysurfing / Bodyboarding / Lifeguarding / Ocean Swimming.  If Speed is what you need then the REPELLOR® Fin is for you.  REPELLOR® Fins perform as an extension of the body and can be used to improve lower body fitness, leg strength and ankle flexibility while maximizing your speed in the water.  Check them out here.


Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.44.32 PM



New 3D Fins


3D Fins have exploded into the surf market with their signature fins designed with Dimple Technology that reduces friction and creates crazy thrust.  We just got a fresh batch of their newest pro models including Jamie O’Brien’s first signature fin along with some other new pro models for Josh Kerr and Kobi Clements!  Click here to learn more about 3D’s innovation technology or here to get some sets today!

New Wax Mat From Surfco Hawaii


The newest creation from Surfco Hawaii completely eliminates the need for traditional surf wax or E.V.A. foam traction on your stick!  Wax Mats have an excellent wet grip and are non-abrasive to the skin. They also can be used on the decks of surfboards, skimboards, marine crafts, bathtubs and any where an excellent slip resistant, non-abrasive, see-through surface is needed!

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 4.54.20 PM

  • Excellent wet grip
  • Grips like wax
  • Non-abrasive to the skin
  • Will not melt, no mess
  • Works well in all water temperatures
  • Will not yellow
  • Thin see through die-cut panels
  • Easy-to-apply peel and stick adhesive
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Can be used with see-through Hot Grip tail pads

“The best thing about the Hot Grip Deck Panels is they are lite, thin, no rash, with great traction. No more wax!” ~Dino Miranda, Professional Surfer/Artist

“There was a classic swell coming to Maui and SurfCo sent me the new Hot Grip Wax Mats to test out. After adding some art work, I applied them to my fresh 6’5″ Charlie Smith surfboard. The swell did not disappoint at The Bay. I grabbed one just under the crowd and was firmly planted on the Hot Grip Wax Mats! Very stoked, will use them on all my boards.” ~Ian Haight, Surfer/Artist

“The new Hot Grip Wax Mats work great! They are clear, thin, lite, provide excellent wet grip with no abrasion to my skin. I recently had a 5 hour surf session, love it, grippier than wax! Plus all the cool graphics on my boards can be seen and notcovered by wax. Will use on all my boards, no more messy wax!” ~Tony Ho, Lieutenant Honolulu City & County Life Guard

Wax Mats are made in America by SurfCo Hawaii.