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Stock Up On Surf Board Repair


With summer in full swing you’ve got to be prepared for all the board dings that come along with it!  Sun Cure and Ding All are two of our best selling ding repair brands and for good reason!  Based in Atlantic Beach, Florida they’ve been producing some of the best resins and epoxy blends on the market since 1985!

2016 Bustin Boards


Bustin has made a name for themselves in the longboard game with their grassroots approach and top-notch construction methods since 2001.  They offer a massive variation of shapes to fit any skater’s needs from cruising to carving and everything in between!  The latest decks and completes are now in stock and ready to roll out.  If you haven’t brought some Bustin in your shop yet, now is the time!

Antihero Summer 2016


Antihero jumps on the bandwagon with the hilarious new Boutique series from their summer 2016 line featuring art by the legendary Todd Francis.  Limited quantities available with this batch so act quickly to snag yours!

*side note* something doesn’t smell quite right about Andy Roy’s graphic….f2cf415739781d116041093d37251877

New Roof Racks & Accessories From Blocksurf


If you’re looking for super high-quality roof racks and accessories to offer your customers this surf season, look no further than Blocksurf.  Blocksurf’s roof racks are made to last and come in several soft styles to fit any vehicle!  If you’ve got surfers in your area, stocking some Blocksurf is a no-brainer!

New Bones Brigade Decks


The latest reissues from Bones Brigade are now in stock featuring timeless graphics from the 1980s screened on their original shapes!  Great for collectors and old heads alike!  With limited quantites available, you won’t want to wait too long to order yours!

Tons Of New Globe Decks And Completes


Your summer selection isn’t complete without a nice stock of cruiser options for your customers, that’s why we have the most complete stash of Globe boards compared to any other distributor!  Globe does it right by combining high-quality components with visually appealing designs and textiles.  We’ve got everything your shop needs from Globe including longboards, cruiserboards, decks, and accessories, so inject your inventory with a little bit of style today!