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2017 Ambition Snowskates Are Here


The full lineup of team and pro snowskates are here from Ambition!  Ambition is well-known for setting the industry standard with their 100% Canadian Maple snowskates and introduce new innovations each year.  Check out the video below to get the scoop on all the newest construction refinements from their 2017 line.


New Rayne Snowskate And POW Surf


Don’t let the snow keep you locked up inside this winter!  Rayne is well-known for their high quality longboards and has brought the same construction technology to the world of snow with their new snowskate and pow surf
Rayne decks have been used and customized by many of the top snowskate companies worldwide. They’re lightweight, waterproof, durable and extra stiff.


For the snowskate they used their Phantom V3 shape and adjusted the drill pattern to match our sub-ski and TUBE trucks. The Phantom shape and size is ideal for snowskaters. It has a comfortable standing platform, lots of concave and kicktails in the right place. With this deck you’ll be able to fine tune your stance, carve down the mountain and hit the park.  The Phantom deck is covered in textured EVA foam for maximum grip. The cutout shape is slightly directional to match the directional shape of the ski. Both the ski and deck were designed together for all-mountain versatility.

Pow Surf:

The Rayne POWsurf has leverage concave transferring into integrated snow rails. This allows you to steer through the powder with a firmly engaged edge grabbing the pow.  Rayne’s swallowtail helps keep the tip up by allowing the tail to sink in the snow.  The Rayne POWsurf is shorter than most on the market, they are able to make this board small because it is extremely light creating increased surface float. Combined with our sintered base they have created the floatiest and fastest POWsurf available.  Rayne developed StairMasterCore technology for the powsurfer in order to keep the board ultra light while offering a flexible nose for easy planning, maneuverability and battling barrel crusties.

New Ambition Snowskates


With winter in clear sight, skate shops in the north and mid-west have to be ready to get creative when the snow hits.  The guys at Ambition produce some great snowskates to make those winter storms a little more fun and have the footage to prove it.  If you’ve had any doubts on how these things perform, check the teaser below for Ambition’s 6th full-length video dropping in November and prepare to be amazed.  You can find all the new Ambition snowskates here.