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Element Turns Greyson Fletcher Pro


Submerged in a life of surf and skate culture since birth, Greyson has thrashed his way through the highs and lows of life, developing a style and mind set like no one else. Seemingly oblivious to the outside world, he has paved his own path into skateboarding’s elite by simply skating fast as hell, with no regard to judgments or stereotypes. His calm demeanor is deceiving, unleashing a fury of energy the second he steps on a board. Knowing only one speed, with no brakes considered, he skates and destroys everything in his path.  Congrats Greyson!!

Chris Joslin Turns Pro!


We all knew it was just a matter of time before Plan B turned Chris Joslin pro.  He started turning heads with his part in Plan B TRUE back in November, but he’s been killing it for years.  Expect some really great things from this phenomenal skater in the years to come.  Well-deserved Chris!  Congrats!!

Don’t forget to watch Chris’ latest mind-blowing part in “12 Days In China” here.

Keep checking the site for updates on the newest Plan B goods including Chris’ very first pro boards!