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Atlas Skate Tool & Bottle Opener


“Opens your drinks. Tightens your nuts.”

The Atlas Universal Skate Tool is a low-profile key chain skate tool and bottle opener.  Unlike other small skate tools, the deep axle nut socket is at enough of an angle to work well even in sideset longboard wheels. The small size and slim profile lets the tool sit comfortably in your pocket while skating, while the integrated bottle opened ensures you’ll be prepared for after the session as well.  Don’t forget to check out Atlas’ downhill trucks and accessories while your at it!

New Landyachtz Decks & Completes


Quality is the name of the game when it comes to Canada-based downhill company Landyachtz.  Made up of passionate riders who personally test the boards they sell, Landyachtz stands behind every board they put out.  Whether your looking for downhill, freeride, or cruiser boards, they’ve got you covered!  The newest range of decks and completes are now in stock.

New Kebbek Bio Suit Series And More


Since its inception in 1992, Kebbek has set an industry standard with their downhill/freeride boards and introduced a certain level of hand-made quality in that inspired many other companies to follow suit.  Kebbek has recently undergone a “revival” of sorts and is coming back stronger than ever with their 2016 line of decks, completes, and accessories!

Bustin 2016 Is Here


NYC grassroots brand Bustin Boards doesn’t draw lines when it comes to what is and what isn’t considered skateboarding.  They promote a “skate everything” mentality that blends the boundaries of freestyle, downhill, street, and everything in between.  Crafted from the finest materials and unafraid to experiment with new technologies and shapes, Bustin has made a name for themselves in all the right ways!  The long-awaited 2016 lineup has dropped and the results speak for themselves.  Check out the full Bustin range here.

New DB CoreFlex Technology And More


The latest technology from the guys at DB is here including their new CoreFlex Technology made right here in America!  CoreFlex uses a combination of tri-axial fiberglass and vertlam bamboo to create 3 super durable boards each with different feels when it comes to flexiness and board control.  They are water-resistant, impact resistant, and scratch resistant through use of HD plastic and urethane nose/tail bumpers.  Click here to get some now, or read up on more info about DB CoreFlex boards below.



coreflex-weight-chartcore-flex-features3 coreflex-flexing


Landyachtz 2016 Is Here


The all new shred machines from the always awesome brand Landyachtz are here!  There’s no question when it comes to top-notch quality that these guys produce on a regular basis through over 18 years of experience in the downhill game.  Whether its their innovative board construction technology, amazing artist-based graphics, or their high-grade wheels and trucks, Landyachtz fits the bill for anyone looking for a well-made and affordable cruiser or longboard.