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Kebbek Short Cut Cruisers


Who can deny a short cut in life? The quick route to work, microwave instead of the oven, instant coffee vs drip or a peek at your classmate’s algebra homework. Whatever your fast lane to success is, finally a short cut you don’t have to feel guilty about. This cruiser blurs the lines between a “go to the store and grab milk” board, and a street/park deck. Don’t let its shape and length deceive you (30X7.75) its built with aggressive nose and kick tails, with a perfectly matched wheel base to maximize your ollie and park control.

Check out the new ShortCut Completes from Kebbek.

Armed with Bear Trucks (130mm) and Tepakan Wheels (60mm).

New Kebbek Bio Suit Series And More


Since its inception in 1992, Kebbek has set an industry standard with their downhill/freeride boards and introduced a certain level of hand-made quality in that inspired many other companies to follow suit.  Kebbek has recently undergone a “revival” of sorts and is coming back stronger than ever with their 2016 line of decks, completes, and accessories!

New Kebbek Freeride Wheels


The all new Takawan and Libre wheels are in from Kebbek!  Each wheel is available in both 82a and 80a durometers for a smooth ride and even come with a free set of bearings and spacers already installed.  Click here to see our entire Kebbek inventory.