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New & Restocked Hurt Life Decks


We’re stoked to have another fresh batch of Hurt Life wood now in stock!  Hurtlifers believe in authenticity and don’t cut any corners when it comes to getting things done.  That’s why all their decks are pressed with 100% American Hard Rock Maple and hand-screened in southern California!  If you’re looking for some top-tier skateboards, look no further than Hurt Life!

New Decks From Hurt Life


Hand-screened and 100% made in the USA from American hard rock maple, the new Hurt Life decks are in stock and ready to set sail to your shop today!  These guys are in it for the right reasons and we’re huge fans of their approach and aesthetic.  Scope the latest Hurt Life decks here.

New Brand – Hurt Life


We’re super pumped on the latest addition to the ESS brand family: Hurt Life.  With a heavy focus on work ethic and determination, Hurt Life is all about doing your absolute best in any discipline and not letting failure get in your way.   Hurt Life’s unique aesthetic uses bold designs contrasted against a natural wood finish for a classic look and feel.  All Hurt Life wood is proudly crafted in the USA!

“To acheive anything in skateboarding there will be hurt involved.  Be persistent, hold fast and keep on fighting through the pain of many disappointments to ultimately realize triumph.  Then do it again, and again.”