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Huge Batch Of New & Restocked 3D Fins


3d Fins is back with their field-tested fins including their all new Fastlite series along with fresh pro models for Jamie O’Brien, Izzi Gomez, and, Giorgio Gomez!  3d’s patented “Dimple Technology” has proved to have less drag and more drive while the latest pro model for Jamie O’Brien features a groundbreaking “Channel Tip” tech that reduce tip turbulence and results in better hold and increased speed.  If your shop serves the surf crowd, 3d Fins are a must-have!  Check out our full 3d Fin selection here.

New 3D Fins


3D Fins have exploded into the surf market with their signature fins designed with Dimple Technology that reduces friction and creates crazy thrust.  We just got a fresh batch of their newest pro models including Jamie O’Brien’s first signature fin along with some other new pro models for Josh Kerr and Kobi Clements!  Click here to learn more about 3D’s innovation technology or here to get some sets today!

Proteck Fins Restocked


Proteck Fins are surfboard fins with flexible leading and trailing edges designed to enhance board performance and reduce fin cuts. The flexible trailing edge allows the water to flow smoother with less turbulence off the fin. The flexible edge also creates a “rudder action” as the water pressure bends the edge, creating tighter and more fluid turns, similar to the fins of dolphins and sharks. The flexible urethane edge also greatly reduces fin cuts compared to conventional hard edge fins.  Our entire Proteck inventory has just gotten a full restock on all sizes so make sure to stock up!

Jamie O’Brien Signs to 3D Fins


Jamie O’Brien continues his unpredictability with a recent signing with 3DFINS – an Innovation based Australian fin company best known for its golf ball dimple technology.

Apparently a set of 3DFINS fell into Jamie’s hands 12 months ago, and he was hooked.  Jamie rode the Josh Kerr 5.0 signature fin during his infamous Teahupoo fire stunt. He also rode the dimpled fins to to second place at the 2016 Volcom pro.

Keep an eye out for JOB’s own signature fin to be released soon.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our full 3D Fins selection!

Be Ready For The Swell With 3D Fins


Summer will be here before you know it and 3D Fins delivers some of the most innovative surf fin technology on the market!  Their patented Dimple Technology works to eliminate surface area friction while gliding through the water and help to produce some serious thrust when you need it most.  Featured here are the Christian Fletcher Quad Wild Rides, but be sure to check out our full stock of 3d Fins to give your customers another great choice when shopping for board fins.

New Brand – 3D Fins


We’re stoked to announce the newest addition to the ESS brand family: 3D Fins!  Aimed at bringing surfers a higher level of performance when it comes to board fins, Australian based company 3D Fins push the limits and has changed the way we think about fins.  By partnering up with professional surfer Josh Kerr, 3D is able to put their patented Dimple Technology to the test with his signature Moonrakerr series fins in a competitive atmosphere.  The small dimples on the fins helps to reduce surface friction which helps 3D fins to glide nearly 2 times faster through water!  We’ve stocked a massive amount of 3d fins and they’re all ready to ship today!