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New Kebbek Bio Suit Series And More


Since its inception in 1992, Kebbek has set an industry standard with their downhill/freeride boards and introduced a certain level of hand-made quality in that inspired many other companies to follow suit.  Kebbek has recently undergone a “revival” of sorts and is coming back stronger than ever with their 2016 line of decks, completes, and accessories!

New Brand – Ripsurf


Born from the desire to create a board that mimics the feeling of surfing on the streets, the Ripsurf is something that has truly never been done.  Using RipStik technology, the Ripsurf allows the rider to speed up or slow down all without ever taking his/her feet off the board!  The caster board design flexes in just the right way to really make turns and carves feel just like surfing!   Our first shipment sold out the day we got them so don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first shops to have these in time for Holiday!