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New Cliché Decks


Cliché packed a punch this time around with some amazing new pro series, price-point wood, and even some new 101 “Heritage” reissues!  Featured above are the super-sleek “Hélas” series pro boards available in multiple colorways and even come with a free beanie!  If you’re into more abstract designs, be sure to check out the new “Kiln”series (shown below).  Either way, the latest decks from Cliché won’t disappoint!


Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 9.59.05 AM

Cliché Summer 2016 Is Here


A slew of new Cliché decks have just arrived including a new pro series featuring some killer art by Nils Inne!  Each one comes equipped with Cliché’s Impact Light board technology that utilizes a carbon-fiber top laminate that gives each board incredible durability without adding any extra weight.  There’s plenty more to love about this batch so be sure to browse our full Cliché inventory.

Mr Men Paint Pen Series And More From Cliché


Fresh Cliché decks are in with plenty of new one-offs and pro series!  Featured here is the new Mr. Men Paint Pen series that lets you channel your inner artist as you fill in the graphic however you want.  Each deck comes with a free set of paint pens.  See all the new Cliché decks here.

New Cliché Wood Available


Cliché continues to crank out some bangers with the latest batch of decks!  Featured here is the new Swanski series featuring Cliché’s durable Resin-7 construction but there’s also the new Damo and Darren collab boards to get excited about as well as some new one-offs!  Who are Damo and Darren you ask?  Think it of them like an Australian version of Beavis and Butthead.  Lots to love about the new decks from Cliché!