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New Brand – Powerflex Wheels


Born in 1975 and reignited in 2015, Powerflex Wheels is the latest addition to the ESS brand family!  Powerflex brought choice and a new level of Urethane Quality to a fairly bland skateboard world.  When Powerflex came onto the early skate scene, most companies offered few sizes and colors, Powerflex offered the 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 in a wide variety of colors. We had a wheel to satisfy every skater on the planet.  They had a great team and most of the greatest riders of skateboarding’s pioneer era rode Powerflex at one time.  It’s time to do it again.

The Powerflex 5 was the best selling in Powerflex’s line. For many it will bring back memories of a great skate childhood, and a new fun addition to the quiver for others. It’s size and shape are perfect for sidewalk and street charging. The 88a formula is smooth as butter yet tough & resilient & ready to charge a ditch or anything that you find in your path. The 96A formula is a perfect skatepark riding tool, and as always you can choose from many fun colors or a combo of many.  Skateboarding is supposed to be about FUN after all, so let’s have some…

Get some Powerflex on your next order today!