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Entire Indo Board Selection Restocked


Don’t let a passing cold front keep you from working on your balance and core training!  Indo Board’s innovative roller/cushion designs along with their various deck shapes have improved the core strength and overall balance of surfers across the world (all in the comfort of their own living rooms).  Our massive Indo Board selection has been completely restocked in time for spring and summer so stock up your shelves today!  Don’t forget to check out our full selection of balance boards while you’re at it!

New Brand – Rolo Board


Rolo Board is the perfect balance board for board sport enthusiasts or anyone that wants to train and have fun while increasing their balance and overall core strength.  The Rolo Board balance board design was inspired to give Surfers, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Snowboarders and board riders of all ages, a fun training device to enhance their core and board riding performance.  Each Rolo Board comes with TWO rollers for unlimited maneuverability.  Check them out here.