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Antihero Summer 2016


Antihero jumps on the bandwagon with the hilarious new Boutique series from their summer 2016 line featuring art by the legendary Todd Francis.  Limited quantities available with this batch so act quickly to snag yours!

*side note* something doesn’t smell quite right about Andy Roy’s graphic….f2cf415739781d116041093d37251877

New Antihero Hoarder Series And More


Looking for skateboards?  Well, you’re in luck because Antihero makes those!  From the new Hoarder Hero series to the special holographic Holiday “Pride And Joy” one-off deck, you’re sure to find something that offends your in-laws just in time for this year’s Winter solstice.  Click here to see something totally unrelated to this post or click here to see all the new Antihero goods.


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Antihero Vagrant History Decks


Ever find yourself wondering how the homeless population came to live in cardboard boxes, keep themselves warm with newspaper, or dine from trash cans?  Well now you can put your mind at ease because the fine folks at Antihero have done the research and found the answers to all these questions and more with their new Vagrant History series!  They also sent us some great new price point decks too so get your Antihero fix here.