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Full Andalé Bearings Restock


Founded in 2010, Andalé is a skater-owned and operated bearing company started by professional skateboarders Paul Rodriquez and Joey Brezenski.  Since its inception, the brand has continued to grow its team and now has 30 of skateboarding’s biggest names under its belt including Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Ryan Sheckler, Kevin Romar, Lucas Puig, and tons more!  With a team like that, you know there has to be something special about these things!  We’ve just gotten a full restock of Andalé bearings so if you haven’t had the chance to try some out in your shop or on your board, now’s your chance!  Choose from Abec-5, Abec-7, or the always popular Swiss.  Shop Andalé here.