“Riddles In Mathematics” & “Worldview” Combo DVD Now In From Transworld Skateboarding

With almost every skate video premiering straight to the internet these days, we’re always pumped to get physical copies so we can push them into the hands of kids in local shops everywhere!  We just got stacks of Transworld Skate’s newest combo dvd pack that includes “Riddles In Mathematics” and “Worldview”.

Be the first shop in your town to get your hands on some copies before their itunes release on March 14th!  Don’t forget to stock up on all the classics while your at it with our huge selection of videos!

About Riddles In Mathematics

The 29th video from Transworld Skateboarding starring Bobby DeKeyzer, Yaje Popson, Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, and Ben Gore. A film by Chris Thiessen. Filmed in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Barcelona.

About Worldview

Some of the best filmmakers in skateboarding take an assorted cast of skaters around the globe to skate some of the most epic spots that have ever been seen. Featuring segments from Sour, Isle, PASS~PORT, Kyle Camarillo, and Patrik Wallner.

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