New Surf Brand – Surf More XM

Surf More Products introduced the first 2″ Velcro™ strap design, for comfort and fit over 35 years ago. Since then, leashes have become essential to most recreational and competitive surfers, and Surf More’s original garage operations has grown into a world-wide leader in the surf industry! Meanwhile, Surf More has contributed many significant changes to leash technology, such as:

  • Swivels to keep the kinks out of the cord
  • Pull Tabs to make it easier to release the strap
  • The XM stand-out stem on the strap to help prevent stepping on the cord
  • The basic bodyboard leash anchor to attach leashes to…
  • The EZ Fit™ bodyboard leash strap to provide easier entry
  • A dependable, lightweight Power Clip™ quick release for quick exits!

Be sure to check out all of Surf More XM’s product line here.