New Brand – Moonshine MFG

Founded in 2010, Moonshine MFG is a North Bonneville, Washington based skateboarding company that specializes in using the highest quality raw materials and new technologies to create a revolutionary riding experience.  The list of technical features of a Moonshine board goes on for days.  For starters, they use urethane to make their truck mounts and rails, which not only helps to dampen vibrations, but creates a fully sealed and waterproof deck that will last forever.  You can now ride in any weather condition without fear of delamination or cracking due to water penetrating the wood.  All wheel wells are machined prior to the compression molding process which delivers additional structural integrity compared to traditional longboards.  Locally farmed Albus wood cores are vertically laminated on every board which offers lighter weights, incredible durability, and controlled flex patterns.  Ready to get some Moonshine in your shop?  Check our current stash in our product catalog!







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