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New Brand – Aera Precision Trucks

Since 2009 Aera Trucks has been creating the most competitive and successful downhill trucks ever made. Consistent results and innovation are the name of the game in a fast moving sport. Aera has delivered year after year with two World Championship wins, two Series Championships won, podium results at slopestyle events, and downhill races all around the world. Aera Trucks often win the race, the slopestyle, and the long distance race at the same event… Proof that you can use your Aera Trucks no matter how you skate.

The company was started after years of experimentation with all brands and types of trucks and never finding one that was “quite right”. Whether it was something simple like an inaccurate axle, a geometry more prone to high speed wobbles, simply not turning the right way or the quality of the manufacturing, it was taken into account, and improved. Aera Trucks are meant to destroy the competition in every way and create a smile on your face from riding the best feeling trucks you’ll ever own.

Note* Aera trucks DO NOT come with bushings

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