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Wave Skater®  Pro – 42 3/4″ Rat-Fish, 45 3/4″  Rabbit-Fish, 48 3/4″ Ghost Shark boards:

Our superior durability, one-piece construction and virtually indestructible foam makes our Wave Skater® Pro, patented foam molded bodyboards versions the perfect choice to build your shop’s, resort’s, or surf camp’s rental fleet. When it comes to ultra-durability and virtual indestructibility in a bodyboard, our one piece, compression molded, proprietary foam Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards are, quite simply, without comparison.

Our Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards will take an extraordinary amount of pounding without suffering any ill effects or loss of performance.

Our revolutionary one-piece compression molding process produces a much denser, more heat stable, and much stronger molecular bonded, closed-cell foam bodyboard that is impervious to water and to excessive heat.

In addition, our molds impart a fully textured imprint to the entire outer surface of our body boards, resulting in a “skin” as tough as a “Shark’s.” And this same textured surface, as it appears on the hulls of all of our proprietary foam molded bodyboards, traps thousands of tiny air bubbles, resulting in increased lift and extraordinary speed on the waves. Our patented, dual tapered pontoons, ergonomic hand rails and arm and stomach cavities make turning and maneuvering in virtually any ocean wave condition a breeze, even for the novice, while still giving even very accomplished or even pro caliber riders all the advanced riding possibilities that they desire.

New for 2016, our super durable, one-piece, compression molded, EVA/PE Wave Skater® Pro bodyboards will utilize a brand new manufacturing process that now incorporates molding two high quality fiberglass-composite stringers into the center of our boards.  Once molded and fused into the interior of the board, these dual stringers become part of the board itself, giving our Wave Skater® Pro models superior flex, while at the same time maintaining their vastly superior durability. Our 2016 Wave Skater® Pro lineup will be our most durable, highest performance and fastest bodyboards we’ve ever produced.

As a result of our incredible durability, long lasting toughness, super rider-friendly and exhilarating performance, hundreds of surf shops, sporting goods stores, resorts, surf camps, rental businesses and thousands of individual body boarders have made our Wave Skater® Pro body boards & our Chimaera®  bodyboards their “Go to” body board of choice.

Most bodyboards have weight capacities. For guys who need a bigger board, the Wave Skater Bodyboard is an excellent option. The 48” blue Ghost Shark board is a suitable options for riders between 200 and 300 lbs. Ensure long-term durability thanks to the closed-cell, compression molded, ultra durable foam core.

What makes this bodyboard unique is its fully textured “Shark Skin” surface, which provides the user with durability while in the water. The board also features fiberglass composite dual molded stringers which give the board strength and additional flex. You’ll also find other perks like hand grips, hand rails, and a dual tapered pantoon hull.

What Users Are Saying:

  • Great quality
  • The most durable bodyboard on the market
  • Well worth the price
  • Still looks brand new after years of use
  • Perfect for bigger guys
  • High-performance board


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