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Founded in 1981, Thrasher is a monthly magazine publication dedicated to the heart and soul of skateboarding.  Published through the San Francisco based company High Speed Productions, Thrasher brings its readers front and center to the current goings-on in the skate/music community via interviews, photography, reviews, and other miscellaneous content all generated by skaters for skaters.  

Thrasher has grown immensely since it's inception and now features one of the best skateboarding news websites on the internet.  Its through this medium that they are able to help spread the word on all facets of the skateboarding community including the latest video parts, industry news, and the current up and comers.  Thrasher is also well-known for their recurring segments with popular web series like "Skateline", "Hall Of Meat", and "Firing Line". 

Thrasher's "Skater of the Year" award is one of the most repected awards across the global skateboarding scene.  Given each year since 1990, this title is awarded to the skater based on a decision made by a public vote and publically announced by their editor, Jake Phelps. 

In 2003 Thrasher began its annual King of the Road competition.  The KOTR contest consists of a group of invited teams of professional skaters who are each given a booklet full of challenges.  Over a two-week period, the teams travel across the U.S. attempting to complete as many challenges as possible. 

Thrasher is definitely in it for the right reasons and has stood the test of time, that's why we fully back it here at Eastern. 

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