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There was a time when... 
…leather straps and bungee cords were used as surf leashes, and to even wear a leash was considered uncool. The hard-core surfers called them “kook-cords”! If you fell, you “paid your dues” by swimming to get your board! That was 35 years ago. Surf More Products introduced the first 2" Velcro™ strap design, for comfort and fit. Since then, leashes have become essential to most recreational and competitive surfers, and Surf More’s original garage operations has grown into a world-wide leader in the surf industry! Meanwhile, Surf More has contributed many significant changes to leash technology, such as:

  • Swivels to keep the kinks out of the cord
  • Pull Tabs to make it easier to release the strap
  • The XM stand-out stem on the strap to help prevent stepping on the cord
  • The basic bodyboard leash anchor to attach leashes to…
  • The EZ Fit™ bodyboard leash strap to provide easier entry
  • A dependable, lightweight Power Clip™ quick release for quick exits!

These are but a few of many contributions the original Surf More and XM leashes have provided surfers for the past 35 years. We continue that commitment to provide the best product at a very reasonable price!

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