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Caliber Truck Co. was founded in 2010 with the idea of creating a longboard truck designed around the principles of simplicity, strength, and performance. Since the launch of our first generation trucks we have continued to collaborate with our team of top riders in the industry to expand and refine our collection of skateboard products – a constant cycle of development that ensures we stay in front of the demands from the riders who use our products. That same team of talented riders fused with a powerful in-house crew of creative designers, photographers, and artists have propelled our brand to the forefront of the downhill skateboarding industry.


The 44° and 50° Caliber II

Our longboard truck has become the industry standard both beginners and pros. When we released the second generation of Caliber, it was met with praise as being reliable and strong and both simple and progressive. The Caliber II features a 2 step bushing seat, a snugger pivot, a new heat treatment to increase strength, tighter tolerances all around virtually no slop. The Caliber II comes in 9” and 10” widths in 50° and 10” width at 44°. Riders looking for carvability and a turny feel should try the 50° option, while serious downhill riders looking for stability at speed should look to the 44° baseplate option.




The Standard

Our standard geometry truck provides the same level of performance as our other trucks but in a style more appropriate for street decks and mini cruisers. The Tombstone Hanger design is designed to absorb all the abuse of everyday skateboarding, and a snug bushing seat with 92a Blood Orange bushings provides a responsive feel and fast return to center.


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    We believe in large company service with a small family-owned business atmosphere. Eastern Skateboard Supply promises to provide you with fast, friendly and knowledgeable service along with open lines of communication.
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