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3d Fins

About 3d Fins

Based in western Australia, 3D Fins aim to bring surfers highly advanced surfboard fins that improve surfing performance.  They are a company of surfers who are committed to pushing the limits and changing the way we think about fins.

3D has a partnership with Josh Kerr, one of the most exciting and innovative surfers on the planet today.  Josh rides and competes with the Dimple Technology on his custom Moonraker fins.  Dimple tech works by eliminating surface area and friction which makes 3d Fins nearly twice as fast when moving through the water.  Working with Josh and a team of sponsored athletes, their prototypes and “secret” fin designs are tested in all kinds of conditions from 1ft beachies to 20ft bombies.

This extensive R&D ensures that by the time a set of our fins makes it into your surfboard you can be confident that they are going to work.  And work well!









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