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Powerflex Wheels , born in 1975....  Reignited in 2015.....

Powerflex brought choice and a new level of Urethane Quality to a fairly bland skateboard world. We are about to do it again. When Powerflex came onto the early skate scene, most companies offered few sizes and colors, Powerflex offered the 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 in a wide variety of colors. We had a wheel to satisfy every skater on the planet....... We had a great team and most of the greatest riders of skateboarding's pioneer era rode Powerflex at one time. It's time to do it again..

Bob Ballou, founder of Powerflex along with his brothers have teamed up with Jim Gray. Jim was a Powerflex Teamrider at 15, Pro Skater, G&S, Tracker, & Blockhead Teamrider, founder of Acme Skateboards, Formula One wheels, and more. Jim has Manufactured millions of skateboards & wheels, never stopped skating, and now is Powerflex's new Ringleader & Managing Partner. Together, we decided it was time to make it happen again and bring fun, color, and a different perspective to the skateboard market again.. The Response to Powerflex has been Incredible.

This wheel, the Powerflex 5 was the best selling in Powerflex's line. For many it will bring back memories of a great skate childhood, and a new fun addition to the quiver for others. It's size and shape are perfect for sidewalk and street charging. The 88a formula is smooth as butter yet tough & resilient & ready to charge a ditch or anything that you find in your path. The 96A formula is a perfect skatepark riding tool, and as always you can choose from many fun colors or a combo of many. Skateboarding is Supposed to be about FUN after all, so let's have some...

Let the FUN begin. Enjoy!  These are poured in the newest high tech urethane manufacturing plant in California!

100% Made in the USA....

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