Eastern Skate

  1. DGK Blossom Crew Clan Series

    DGK Blossom Crew Clan Series
    There's nothing like fresh DGK! ESS is fully stocked on the latest from DGK, including the new Blossom Crew Clan Series. Clean graphics with vibrant colors....you don't wanna miss this drop! We've also got re-ups on classic DGK decks and some new lenticular boards!   Shop the latest DGK selection at ESS today!

    Ripndip X @worldindustries collab has landed at ESS and is available online now! Decks, t-shirts, and hats with fresh twists on classic graphics are ready to roll out. Shops, make sure and contact your Eastern sales rep to make sure you get a piece of the action. These won't last long...   Shop the full Ripndip x World Industries collab...
  3. Pickle Wax Remover!

    Pickle Wax Remover!
    Summer time might be coming to a close for a lot of us, but one essential item to have season after season is a good ole surf wax remover! Our surf department at ESS is fully stocked up on Pickle Wax removers! Each pack comes with a Sticky Bumps wax comb and a pickle sticker. Call one of our sales...
  4. Pepper Grip!

    Pepper Grip!
    Pepper Grip G5 Black grip is in! ESS is allll stocked up on Pepper Grip so be sure to give one of our Sales Reps a call today to load up on some of the best grip in the game. Check out Ronnie Kessner's grip process + immaculate flatground in our Pepper's latest "Surface Files" video while you're at it!   Shop...
  5. Jeff Dechesare is PRO for KFD!

    Jeff Dechesare is PRO for KFD!
    We love skateboarding. The freedom of expression it offers, the many different styles and tricks that come along with it And the many different ways to ride. Skateboarding is pure fun!!! Jeff Dechesare has carved out his own lane in street skateboarding and holds a unique bag of tricks untouched by many other skaters. We are super stoked to hear...
  6. Zero End of Time!

    Zero End of Time!
    Zero Skateboard's "End Of Time" series featuring art by Ezra Syahdian and the "Dog Eat Dog" series by Attak is available now at ESS!   Shop the full selection of Zero Skateboards at ESS today!
  7. Fresh Thrasher

    Fresh Thrasher
    Shops, we're fully stocked up on the latest soft goods and accessories from Thrasher Magazine and there is some serious heat in this batch!! Check out all the latest including a tribute to the legendary Jake Phelps.   Shop the newest selection of Thrasher at ESS today
  8. Sour Summer Stuff

    Sour Summer Stuff
    This Summer's gone Sour! The latest graphics and soft goods from Sour Solution are in stock at ESS, just in time for Gustav Tønnesen's "This Is Not The New Sour Video" drop featuring the former and Tyler Surrey, Vincent Huhta, Oscar Candon, Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Axel Berggren, and Martin Sandberg.   Grab the latest apparel and popsicle shapes...
  9. Glassy Sunhaters

    Glassy Sunhaters
    Summer may be winding down but the UV index is in full force! Get UV protection and look sick doing it with the newest selection of Glassy eyewear. Glassy "Sunhaters" was founded by two brothers "Vince and Mikemo Capaldi" in 2011, with the idea of starting a price point sunglass brand. The entire operation of Glassy was born out of...
  10. ACE Af1 10.0!

    ACE Af1 10.0!
    The new ACE AF1 80/10.0 Polished is in! All new 10 inch trucks for the wide board lovers, hardware, risers, axle and kingpin re-threader sets, ready to hit your shelves. The ACE AF1 features game changing performance without deviating from the original Ace geometry. Carefully manufactured using a proprietary casting process, it has a 70% increase in structural integrity making...
  11. Primitive x Guns N' Roses

    Primitive x Guns N' Roses
    Primitive x Guns N' Roses collection has landed at Eastern! Founded in Los Angeles, Guns N' Roses skyrocketed to prominence in the late 1980s, reshaping the landscape of music with their explosive sound and rebellious image. These goods won't last long, so be sure to give your Rep a call today!! Shop the full selection of Primitive Skate today at...
  12. Fresh Revelry Supply!

    Fresh Revelry Supply!
    New bags from Revelry are here...the overall quality and versatility of this batch is top notch! Check out the wide selection of new hip packs, backpacks, wallets, and pouches today!   Shop Revelry Supply at Eastern Skateboard Supply!

    All new Deluxe goods have arrived, including a Real Skateboards new pro board for Patrick Praman and an Antihero x Joe Buffalo guest model. PLUS we're hyped to house the new Gonz x Spitfire capsule collaboration. A super fun full collection including Formula Fours, 80HD, apparel, & accessories from the mind of legend Mark Gonzales.

    Fresh Rip N Dip has landed at ESS! Lots of new decks, soft goods, and accessories like totes and patches are ready to roll out...the perfect summer collection for your shop!   Shop the latest Rip N Dip selection now and give your rep a call!
  15. Dogtown 70s Series!

    Dogtown 70s Series!
    The Dogtown Skate 70s series has arrived at Eastern Skateboard Supply! Return of the 70s classic shapes or shapes with modern concave, Dogtown has something for everyone, including the Bigfoot model coming in at 11.875 x 30.75. Bull Dog, Red Dog & PC Tail Tap...OG 70s shapes with a mellow concave and tail kick plus 70s Rider decks. Featuring art by...
  16. Bones X-formula!

    Bones X-formula!
    New Bones Wheels X-formula 99a wheels have been loaded up on the ESS shelves! X- formula wheels are known for offering the best in durability, speed, grip and slide...a perfect balance of fast and smooth!   Shop the newest selection of Bones Wheels at ESS today!

    Lots of new Deluxe goods hitting the website today! Spitfire wheels, bags, hardware and one very cool looking set of Silas Baxter Neal Pro Edition Thunder Trucks available in 148 and 149.   Shop new arrivals at ESS now!
  18. The Whole Package: Slappy Trucks!

    The Whole Package: Slappy Trucks!
    The modern skateboard truck has come a long way in technical improvements...better parts and premium raw materials...further advancements in more responsive turning geometry...hollow or lower kingpins for better grind clearance. It's clear that many brands across the market have something to offer, but what brand offers the whole package? We have found through heavy use and testing, that Slappy Trucks...

    The highly anticpated Primitive x Call Of Duty capsule collection is available NOW at ESS! We've got the latest decks, huge banners, and graphic tees from the drop on our shelves and  ready to hit your shop. Call up your reps to grab the latest Primitive + MORE from ESS today! Shop Primitive x Call of Duty at ESS
  20. Summer Beach Gear!

    Summer Beach Gear!
    Summer time is officially here and ESS has the perfect tool for getting some beach time shred in: Zap Skimboards are fully stocked up in all shapes and sizes! We've got the Mini Lazer, fish tail 47" and multiple wedge models just to name a few. We also have all the tail pads, arch bars, and wax you need for...
  21. Hot New Spitfire!

    Hot New Spitfire!
    We have the burning hot Spitfire Wheels Lil Smokies in tablet and conical shapes, 48mm and 50mm, 101a or 99a. Shops, give your sales rep a call for these and a wide variety of other Spitfire wheels!   Shop the full Spitfire selection of wheels and apparel at ESS today!
  22. Summer of Zero!

    Summer of Zero!
    A fresh batch of Zero decks and soft goods are on the shelves and ready to roll! Bold floral pro graphics, Misfits fiend skull decks, and the new glow in the dark team board are just a couple of stand out favorites!   Shop the full selection of Zero Skateboards at ESS today!

    New Doomsayers is IN at ESS! We've got the fresh Snake Shake 3D Raised Ink series in assorted sizes for Doomsayers Omar Salazar, Eli Williams, Taihou Tokura. This new drop is a sick twist on the OG models and you don't wanna miss!   Shop Doomsayers full selection

    Ramptech is back in stock at ESS! We're carrying two new grind rails and 2 new boxes built by the skater owned and operated Ramptech, founded by skate veteran Mike Mapp in 1986. The 5-0 Grind Rails come in a rounded or squared shape and 5 adjustable height settings + anti-slip pads on the bottom. They're powder coated and and...
  25. RIPNDIP at ESS

    Ripndip is now available at ESS! We're stocked on all the latest: wax, socks, shirts, boards, and hats to keep you covered. Check out the new selection and call your rep to secure some goods!   Shop Ripndip at Eastern Skateboard Supply now!
  26. New Girl Skateboards!

    New Girl Skateboards!
    ESS has received a fresh supply of Girl Skateboards, complete with the new L7 Girl Magic series, Schoolyard series, Letterpress series + MORE! The legendary Breezy has teamed up with the legendary Donita Sparks of the band L7 for this special capsule encapsulating all things rad, and we've got it all!   You don't wanna miss the new selection of...
  27. WALTZ: The Freestyle Company

    WALTZ: The Freestyle Company
    ESS is hyped to now offer Waltz Skateboards! Waltz is a community of freestyle skaters focused on making skateboarding more fun for everyone, whether you're a seasoned professional or a total beginner. Created by world pro freestyle skater Mike Osterman and Daniel Trujillo, Waltz Skateboarding is all about keeping the radness of freestyle skateboarding alive and embracing all the quirks that come with...
  28. Una Farrar PRO for Krooked!

    Una Farrar PRO for Krooked!
    Una Farrar is PRO for Krooked Skateboards! Her new pro model is on the shelves at ESS now, available in both an 8.28 and 8.5 True Fit! Hailing from Canada, 24 year old Farrar has been steadily ripping the streets worldwide. Her sponsors include Dime, Spitfire, Thunder, Vans, and Krooked (as a Pro)! She's driven by an appreciation for new experiences and...

    It's happy hour at ESS! Summer is right around the corner and in preparation, ESS is packing the shelves with some serious UV protection! These new Happy Hour shades are sure to keep you looking as stylish as ever, no matter the occasion. Their new model "The Dukes" are available in multiple colors, as well as the "Wolf Pup" and...
  30. ZERO x Mariusz Lewandowski

    ZERO x Mariusz Lewandowski
    Zero Skateboards has released a second series with legendary Polish oil painter Mariusz Lewandowski in honor of his passing last year. The series is in stock now at ESS along with Zero's "Ballpoint Pen" pro decks by Ilo Künst. Shop the latest from Zero Skateboards at ESS now!

    From Long Beach, California comes Space Pupil! ESS has their new collection of decks featuring artwork by skater and world-renowned artist Andrew Schoultz, hand-screened and ready to roll out. A very limited edition capsule in stock boasts a matching print and board combo that comes with a hand worked lithograph print. "SPACE PUPIL is two branches of the same tree, SPACE is...

    Fresh Uma Landsleds have arrived at the ESS warehouse...complete with a 9.o Cosmic Egg and eye-catching new graphics for Uma rippers Maite, Cody Chapman, Evan Smith, and Roman Pabich.   Shop the newest drop from Uma at ESS!

    ESS is hyped to offer Leap Boards' new Trainer Grip! The perfect learning tool for any beginner skater, the Trainer Grip is available for both goofy and regular footed skaters to give guidance on board foot placement! About Leap: "It all started on a Leap Year. We make the strongest skateboard decks, made 100% in the USA. We are independently...
  34. Toy Machine's "Mind Control"

    Toy Machine's "Mind Control"
    New Toy Machine is HERE and ESS has the full range of the “Mind Control” series! Six new decks for the Pro team featuring art from none other than Ed Templeton.   Shop the full selection of Toy Machine at ESS!
  35. REAL SPRING '23

    Fresh drop from Real Skateboards is IN! Lots of new models for the Pro team plus a new Storyboard series for Zion Wright, Mason Silva, and Jimmy Wilkins and the Spectrum Distortion series with multi-colored veneers.   Shop the full Spring '23 Real drop at ESS today!
  36. Rocket Longboards Anniversary Collection!

    Rocket Longboards Anniversary Collection!
    Rocket Longboards is celebrating 10 years of business with an anniversary downhill line revamp of their most popular collection! “Even though owner Dani Iseli's history of board construction began earlier, the first ROCKET boards officially went over the counter in 2013. We want to celebrate that. Even though we are now represented in different disciplines, our heart still beats for...

    Thrasher has teamed up with Alien Workshop to bring the latest Sovereign Sect drop with an iconic twist. Six new graphics + an egg shape, a complete, and a tribute to legend Jake Phelps are ready to roll out from ESS now! Plus Thrasher and The Workshop teamed up and the crew headed down South to get clips and Sammy...
  38. Powell Green Dragons

    Powell Green Dragons
    From Powell comes the new green urethane Green Dragons. The popular Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane used to create these wheels is another industry leading innovation from Powell Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on...
  39. Bones' Dollhouse Series

    Bones' Dollhouse Series
    The new Dollhouse Series from Bones Wheels features three new wheels and the stickers and shirt to match! 52mm, 53mm, and 54mm STF wheels with 99a and assorted goth graphics. Bones Street Tech Formula powers the legendary Bones STF wheels that roll fast, grip when you need to and slide when you want to, without flat spotting....   Shop Bones...

    From The Heated Wheel comes Phasecaster Wheels! ESS is hyped to carry the first of Phasecaster's drop, the Phasecaster Clones available in 52mm and 54mm with a classic roundwall shape and artwork by the legendary Neil Blender. Plus, Phasecaster has designed the perfect match in their precision bearings built for long-lasting durability.   Shop Phasecaster Wheels and The Heated Wheel...

    Mike Sinclair has done it again, this time bringing us Hollows of the ST1 Classics and Inverted Slappy trucks! Both available in sizes 8, 8.25, 8.5, 8.75, and 9. Plus a Spring drop of Slappy shirts, hats, and beanies... We're hyped on these, so be sure to grab some of the new Slappys while they're hot!
  42. NEW SCRAM!

    ESS has got all the latest from Scram Skateboards' Spring drop! Eight new colorful 10.0+ size boards with unique shapes from the mind of Washington skater Nolan Johnson. Shop Scram at ESS today!
  43. Hand In Hand Series from Slave Skateboards

    Hand In Hand Series from Slave Skateboards
    Slave Skateboards has released their new Hand In Hand series and ESS is ready to supply! Five new pro models for  team riders Matt Mumford, AJ Zavala, Anthony Schultz, Pat Burke, and Danny Dicola. Shop the full Slave Skateboards selection at ESS!
  44. Nine One Seven SPRING 2023!

    Nine One Seven SPRING 2023!
    Nine One Seven's Spring 2023 drop is officially here! Loads of new hats, shirts, and decks including a 9.5 pink shape doggie board and a custom 7.28 surfy deck. Lots of eye-catching goods to check out from 917 right now, so be sure to shop the full selection available at ESS now! 
  45. Seismic Defcons!

    Seismic Defcons!
    Seismic Defcon Barrel Bushings are in at ESS! Seismic’s Defcon ultra-high-rebound urethane has a remarkable set of unique and highly-advanced properties – and now they've applied it to bushings!Available in five color-coded durometers and two precision-fit heights, Seismic's Defcons make for a deeper lean and truer, more fluid steering with less lateral hanger slop.   Shop the full Seismic selection at...

    ESS is proud to carry Quantum Bearings! Founded by long time skaters Brad Sasser and Jason Hammock who took experience from their years working in their respective fields to help create a better bearing: lower maintenance bearings where you don’t have to stress taking a shielded bearing out to lube it, designed for longevity by only using high quality, and with...

    DGK has released a new Bruce Lee 80th anniversary collection, and ESS is stocked! Brave, Confident, Disciplined, Pure… The words that define Bruce Lee are endless. Most people identify Lee as one of the most influential martial artists of all time...and DGK has honored that! Multiple new commemorative decks are in, including two new lenticular golden dragons!   Shop the full...
  48. Legendary Bruce Walker Muerto Series!

    Legendary Bruce Walker Muerto Series!
    ESS is hyped to carry the legendary Bruce Walker’s new Muerto Series + a restock on two of his signature decks!  A skater since ’63, Bruce has been a monumental figure in the shaping of skateboarding’s foundation from the early days, becoming a major influence in the progression of skating with his smooth style based on his surf roots. He...
  49. Powell Goods are In!

    Powell Goods are In!
    A new drop of Powell Peralta brings new grip, apparel, accessories, and price point decks featuring classic designs from your favorite legends!   Shop the full selection of Powell Peralta at ESS today!
  50. New Finsout Fin Removal Tool!

    New Finsout Fin Removal Tool!
    Swapping fins out of your surfboard has never been easier...ESS is stoked to carry the new Finsout fin removal tool! Finsout is a handy tool compatible with the revolutionary FCS II fin system, and built with a patented, fin-friendly design that enables you to change your fins with a simple flick of the wrist. Plus its manufactured using 100% recycled plastic...
  51. Primitive x Bob Marley

    Primitive x Bob Marley
    The Primitive x Bob Marley collection has hit the ESS shelves, complete with multiple decks, shirts, hoodies, socks, scarves, you name it. Don't miss out on this epic collection honoring the musical legend.   Shop the full selection of Primitive Skateboards now!
  52. Huge Bakerboys Restock!

    Huge Bakerboys Restock!
    Don't miss all the brand new Spring '23 Bakerboys drops! Tons of new decks/shirts/hats available NOW from Deathwish, Shake Junt, Heroin, Baker, and more!
  53. BAKERboys Spring Delivery

    BAKERboys Spring Delivery
    The Spring '23 drop from Baker Skateboards has landed on the ESS shelves! Over a dozen new decks featuring the sickest art from Mike Gigliotti and Kevin "Spanky" Long are fresh out the oven from BakerBoys (along with plenty more from Deathwish, Shake Just, Birdhouse, and Heroin) are ready to roll out to your shop!   Shop Baker Skateboards now

    A new brand has landed at ESS....introducing Lander Skateboards! Built from recycled ocean fishing nets, the new collection features two cruiser models: the Rio and the Rodeo, available as decks or completes with Paris Street Trucks. Lander decks are strong, rigid and waterproof with a patented grip design is integrated and ensures good traction even when wet. Lander’s patented deck structure...
  55. 88Wheel Co's Maverick and McFly Pros

    88Wheel Co's Maverick and McFly Pros
    From 88 Wheel Co, the new 80mm Mitch Thompson Maverick Pro race formula focuses on pure speed and grip while the 86mm McFly Pro takes the existing McFly formula and turns it up a notch with lasting durability and speed....both 74a! Made in our new ultra durable race thane and poured in 74a, they feature the same chunk resilience and...

    Deluxe has delivered! A HUGE shipment has hit the ESS shelves featuring tons of new decks in all shapes and sizes from AntiHero, Krooked, Real Skateboards, There, and Unity! Don't miss all the goods from this drop, all ready to roll out!   Shop AntiHero Shop Krooked Shop Real Shop There Shop Unity
  57. Cali Locos Limited Edition Rick Griffin Collab!

    Cali Locos Limited Edition Rick Griffin Collab!
    California Locos just released a limited edition collab with legend Rick Griffin! Griffin established a reputation as one of the leading artists of the psychedelic movement. During the late 1960s he designed several posters for the Dead and other bands, and his "flying eye" has become perhaps one of the most iconic images of the era. There are only 150 of...

    A look at Slappy Trucks' creation and performance from ShredzShop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUw2CBM1Qp4&t=259s

    Welcome to the farm! ESS is hyped to carry the first drop from Cody Mcentire‘s creation Snake Farm Skateboards, the first Veteran owned skateboard company. With members hailing from the Special Operations community, Snake Farm stands for living ferociously and to keep pushin’ no matter what life throws at you.   Shop the full Snake Farm selection at ESS!

    ESS has a fresh shipment of Crailtap goods, and there's no better start to 2023 than with a fresh collaboration from Girl Skateboards! The new Girl x Hello Kitty and Friends drop is IN at ESS.....a full line of decks, apparel, and more. Plus, Crailtap just dropped their 2022 recap! Shop all of the new Girl Skateboards at ESS today!
  61. Real Skateboards Holiday Decks!

    Real Skateboards Holiday Decks!
    Ending the year strong with some holiday ‘22 decks from Real Skateboards are in at ESS! The new batch includes some oval cathedrals and pro team scripts for Tommy Guerrero and Zion Wright with embossed bottom veneers. Check out the new drop and more from Real today!   Shop the full Real Skateboards selection!
  62. New Venture V-Cast Hollows!

    New Venture V-Cast Hollows!
    Venture has dropped their Holiday '22 collection, featuring guest artist Ted Barrow's V-Cast Hollows with a polished hanger and hollow axle and kingpin on a OG cast baseplate for extra height. Ted's truck comes in 5.2 HI and 5.8 with OG green bushings (plus there's a sick tee to match). Also in store is Kader Sylla's Pro V-Cast Hollows in 5.2HI, 5.6...

    Spitfire has released their new Arson Business capsule, complete with three new Formula Four 99 duro wheels coming in a 53 and 55mm Classic Shape on natural urethane and a 54mm Conical shape on Black urethane plus a glow-in-the-dark tee to match. Spitfire has also blessed the masses with a new Pro Edition "Visions" Formula Fours for Evan Smith available in a...

    Scumco & Sons is BACK at ESS! We're hyped on the latest Hydro-Dip series and other newness in stock now! Hailing from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Scumco produces their skate decks locally using US 7 ply maple. The Scumco team of rippers features Kevin Taylor, Kyle Nicholson, Ty Beall, Brian Downey, Josh Narvaez, Justin Grzechowiak, Drew Windon, Jake Baldini, Jerry Mraz, and Elias Myers...

    A sweet new addition from Bakerboys: Sour Solution is now available at ESS! Originally started as Sweet Skateboards in Sweden, Sour Solution is now based in Barcelona, Spain after ownership disagreements saw the entire team decide to jump ship and create the opposite (Sweet turned Sour!) Sour has become famous for its insane team and videos, boasting the likes of...

    From the mind of Neil Blender comes The Heated Wheel's Polarizer 4.5 polished mini trucks! Made to fit Polarizer decks and featuring 4140 alloy steel axle and 5140 alloy steel kingpin, locking kingpin nut to lock in desired adjustment, a molded cavity for extra kingpin clearance, and a molded baseplate design for better skate tool clearance   Shop The Heated...

    From Blood Orange comes the Drift Series wheels! Designed to help riders take their slides to the next level, Blood Orange's exclusive DSF formula with the Drift Series offers unmatched predictability, smoothness and an "in the pavement" feel without compromising lifespan. Blood Orange has been dedicated to making high end components since 2010: what started as a simple bushing line...
  68. Fresh Foundation

    Fresh Foundation
    The Tumyeto gods have delivered a fresh batch of Foundation Skateboards to ESS! Popsicles with all new graphics are ready to order featuring models for team riders Dakota Servold, Corey Click, Aidan Campbell, and a Rad one for Dylan Witkin! Check Foundation's quick tease for their upcoming full length "Whippersnappers" Shop Foundation Skateboards at ESS today!
  69. Powell Peralta X Metallica!

    Powell Peralta X Metallica!
    Ride the FLIGHTning! The Powell Peralta x Metallica official collaboration gear is in at ESS! Hoodies, t-shirts, and koozies are here just in time for the Holidays! Perfect for any Metallica-loving shredder.   Shop all the brand new Powell Peralta at ESS today!

    A fresh collection of grip from Pvblic Domain has dropped and ESS has every piece you need! Over 10 new grip sheets featuring classic pieces of art history are ready to ride. Made of the highest quality grit for premium performance - perforated to avoid air bubbles - Pvblic Domain has got your deck covered! Shop the full selection of...
  71. Zero Statue Series!

    Zero Statue Series!
    Zero Skateboards has released their new Statue Series and ESS is ready to supply your shop! The new releases feature artwork by Iranian artist Iman Rostami and silver foil pro models for rippers Jamie Thomas, Dane Burman, Gabriel Summers, and Chris Cole. Shop the full Zero Skateboards selection of new goods at ESS!
  72. Fall '22 Pylon Wood at ESS!

    Fall '22 Pylon Wood at ESS!
    Pylon is working on it! Pylon Skateboards '22 Fall/Holiday drop has just hit the ESS shelves…and just in time for their new All in a Daze Work video drop! The new wood includes popsicles and shaped boards with all new graphics and Friendly Fire artist collaborations. Skater owned and Canadian made!   Shop the full Pylon Skateboards selection at ESS!
  73. Newest Thrasher Hoodies!

    Newest Thrasher Hoodies!
    Cold weather calls for hot new Thrasher apparel....stay warm this season with all new hoodies, crewnecks, and tees on the shelves at ESS from Thrasher Magazine!   Shop the full Thrasher selection now!
  74. Honeycomb Single Fin from Ocean and Earth!

    Honeycomb Single Fin from Ocean and Earth!
    The new Ocean and Earth Honeycomb Single fin is a tried and tested fin template with the perfect combination of pivot and rake! ESS has it in three sizes: 7 inch, 8 inch, and 9 inch. This is the go-to fin for Ocean and Earth's Happy Hour Epoxy softboard series. It fits standard fin box and is compatible with standard fin...
  75. Hamboards: Surf on Street!

    Hamboards: Surf on Street!
    Surf on street with Hamboards! ESS has new 43” Pescadito, 32” Bursts, and some 59” Logger completes from Hamboards ready to roll! For experienced surfer pros or newbies to the sport, street surfing is the perfect companion to surf training. Hamboards and its patented HST carving truck stands alone as the only true rail-to-rail surfing simulator. Their carving trucks are...
  76. Toy Machine Tees!

    Toy Machine Tees!
    New Toy Machine t-shirts have hit our shelves and are ready for yours! Plenty of adult and youth tees featuring classic Toy Machine graphics from the legendary Ed Templeton!  Support your favorite bloodsucking skateboarding company and shop the full Toy Machine selection from ESS!

    Slappy Trucks have arrived to ESS! We have two styles of Slappy Trucks ready to grind: the ST1 Classic with a polished baseplate and classic kingpin, and then the Inverted ST1 with an inverted kingpin and maximum kingpin clearance! Plus we’ve got some Slappy shirts and hats! When COVID hit, Mike Sinclair got to tinkering with his trucks and emerged two...
  78. Frog Skateboards X Thunder Trucks!

    Frog Skateboards X Thunder Trucks!
    Frog Skateboards has joined forces with Thunder Trucks to bring us new team edition trucks! Polished hangers with blue and green baseplates and custom graphics for each truck, available in 148 and 149! ESS is hyped to carry the collab between these two! Shop the full selection of Thunder Trucks at ESS!
  79. Spitfire x Kyle Wilson Pro Formula Fours!

    Spitfire x Kyle Wilson Pro Formula Fours!
    All new Spitfire is live on the ESS site! Plenty of new wheels to ready to roll out including the new Kyle Wilson Pro Edition Formula Fours! These new wheels are conical full shapes with 99 duro urethane and are available in 54mm black and green swirl or a 56mm natural wheel. PLUS we've got new Venom graphic apparel and...
  80. New Socks and Beanies from Tum Yeto!

    New Socks and Beanies from Tum Yeto!
    New soft goods from Toy Machine, Pig Wheels, and Foundation have arrived at ESS! We've got enough crew socks and sick beanies to keep you warm all holiday season! Head to the site to grab all the latest goods from your favorite Tum Yeto brands and help keep your local skaters warm in style!   Shop our full selection of...
  81. DISORDER Now Available at ESS

    DISORDER Now Available at ESS
    From the mind of Nyjah Huston comes Disorder Skateboards, a new brand all about living outside of the rules. ESS has it all from Disorder's Winter drop: ten new decks plus shirts, beanies, wax, + more accessories ready to stock your shop. We're is hyped to offer Disorder just in time for for Nyjah's "Shine On" part drop! From Nyjah: "I’ve...
  82. Something Sweet from 88 Wheel Co!

    Something Sweet from 88 Wheel Co!
    New Gummies Double Barrel Bushings from 88 Wheel Co have arrived here at ESS! Take your board performance to the next level with 88’s ultra high-performance urethane formula! These new bushings allow you to dial in your setup and really control those turns with a fluid and settling resistance without the squeak, harshness, bubbling, and inconsistencies. Available in four "flavors" and sold in...
  83. Old School Meets New School Powell Peralta

    Old School Meets New School Powell Peralta
    No better way to start the week than with a fresh drop of Powell Peralta decks! Hitting the shelves are old school reissues of Steve Caballero's street graphic in a black and blue colorway as well as a blacklight version of Mike McGill's famous skull and snake! Plus we've got a price point brand new Kelvin Hoefler Phoenix deck in...
  84. Pad Up with 187 Killer Pads!

    Pad Up with 187 Killer Pads!
    Pad up with new colorway releases from 187 Killer Pads! 187 Killer Pads has been the preferred choice of protective gear for skaters worldwide for over two decades now, as they continue to raise the bar with visionary designs and durability. ESS offers a wide selection of 187's latest range including their Comic Combo Pack and Jr 6-pack, which has...
  85. MUFF series from Zero Skateboards!

    MUFF series from Zero Skateboards!
    From Zero Skateboards comes a new series of pro models for the Zero team featuring artwork by Muff! Four new decks released for shredders Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Dane Burman, and Chris Wimer showcasing Muff's surreal digital collage work are available in sizes 8.25, 8.375, 8.5, and 8.625. A fresh stock of single skull Zero decks have also landed on...
  86. New 45RPM Vintage Brings Retro Vibes to ESS!

    New 45RPM Vintage Brings Retro Vibes to ESS!
    Some new 45RPM Vintage in stock at ESS is bringing all the nostalgia and retro vibes of skateboarding’s past! Be sure to load your shop up on these iconic designs commemorating classic skate spots including Upland Skatepark, The Pipeline, Winchester Skatepark, Del Mar Skate Ranch, and more! "45RPM-VINTAGE was created out of a desire to fuse these two obsessions into a...
  87. Brand-X Now Available at ESS!

    Brand-X Now Available at ESS!
    ESS is proud to announce that we're now carrying Brand-X Skateboards! Arguably one of the most influential skate brands of the 80s, Brand-X is known for their loud graphics and eye-popping colors. Now 30 years later, they’re making their great return and we’ve got their fresh Duane Peters shaped decks to prove it! We've got leopard and striped decks plus...
  88. Habitat x Twin Peaks!

    Habitat x Twin Peaks!
    Habitat Skateboards has dropped some new graphics from their David Lynch Approved Twin Peaks Collection! Four decks featuring high resolution photo transfer prints of small recreated sets from Twin Peaks! We've also got Habitat's new pro models featuring artwork from Elena Johnston and Charley Harper with the Web of Life series! The Sovereign Sect has yet to disappoint! Shop the...
  89. 2023 Ambition Snowskates at ESS!

    2023 Ambition Snowskates at ESS!
    A new release of Ambition snowskates are ready to take on the winter weather! Ambition has released their 2023 models of the Jib, Team, and Premium series in all new color ways. The Jib models are perfect for beginner levels with limited skate experience while the Team snowskate is the perfect choice for any level of rider looking for quality...
  90. In House from Birdhouse!

    In House from Birdhouse!
    We’ve got all the new from the Holiday Birdhouse drop! All new pro models for Shawn Hale, Jaws, David Loy, and an updated Sensory Overload deck for Elliot Sloan! And just in time for Lizzie's "Onward" part drop from Vans, a new "Matches" model in 8.0! Real ones (or fans of cheesy cult classic 80's films) will recognize that special Hawk graphic…..   Shop the...
  91. ESS Now Carrying Boa Wheels!

    ESS Now Carrying Boa Wheels!
    ESS is proud to announce a new addition to the family, Boa Wheels! Since 2016, Boa Wheels has been producing high quality longboard wheels with resilience against nasty chunking, virtually no bubbles, perfectly concentric, and a precision bearing sear for optimal performance and wear! Featuring their Hemotox™️ formula that's been tried and tested by more than 10,000 riders worldwide! ESS is...
  92. The Heated Wheel Fall '22 Collection at ESS!

    The Heated Wheel Fall '22 Collection at ESS!
    From the desk of Neil Blender comes the Fall ‘22 drop of The Heated Wheel! ESS has the new polarizers, popsicles, and custom board shapes like the San Diego cruiser with 80s style concave! As always, the decks feature all original artwork by skateboarding legend Neil Blender. The Heated Wheel keeps grinding out magic and ESS is proud to carry! Shop our...
  93. Decks on Decks on Decks!

    Decks on Decks on Decks!
    ESS has all the decks you could dream! Deluxe boxes have rolled into our warehouse carrying all the latest graphics and shapes including Krooked's Two Face series, Antihero's Octagon graphics, a chrome spin on Real's Cathedral decks, and plenty more! Call up your reps to stock your shop with the latest from the DLX brands!! Check out the new arrivals...
  94. Fall Fashion: ESS Has You Covered!

    Fall Fashion: ESS Has You Covered!
    The temperature is cooling down but don't worry, ESS has got you covered! New hats and beanies have hit the shelves from some of your favorite brands! From Deathwish and Element to Uma and Powell Peralta, ESS has all the fall fashion softgoods you need to keep your local skaters looking and feeling their best. Check out the wide assortment...
  95. Dead Dave's Dead Toons Series from Heroin Skateboards!

    Dead Dave's Dead Toons Series from Heroin Skateboards!
    The new Dead Toons series from Heroin Skateboards is here! Featuring artwork come to life in his first pro series of graphics for Heroin from the man himself, Dead Dave! From Mark "Fos" Foster: "I've always loved Dave's drawings for his Bad Boi Cru stuff and his TV Casualty board was so great, so got him to draw up a whole series...

    A fresh batch of Darkroom has hit the shelves! New decks, new grip, new socks and beanies….featuring all the sick latest artwork from the mastermind that is Don Pendleton! Lots of new shapes/sizes are in store from this Fall '22 drop, including some new larger decks, pro-only shapes, some returning classics, a mini, and way more. A whole lot of boards...
  97. Kris Markovich Pro Wheels from Acid Chemical Co!

    Kris Markovich Pro Wheels from Acid Chemical Co!
    The new Kris Markovich Pro Wheel from Acid Chemical Co. is in at ESS! Featuring limited edition artwork on Acid's performance REM Formula Wheels, we've got these bad boys available in 52-56mm in both 99a and 101a! Call up your reps today and shop the full Acid Chemical Co. selection at ESS today!
  98. ROCKET Rhino in now!

    ROCKET Rhino in now!
    The brand new ROCKET Rhino from Rocket Longboards has arrived at ESS! Rocket has put their all into the production of this new model: the Rhino is an ultra modern racing board designed to suit today’s riding style. It’s narrow, stiff, and allows the rider to stand completely on the front truck. For the first time, Rocket Longboards has used...
  99. Nicole Hause is Pro for Real Skateboards!

    Nicole Hause is Pro for Real Skateboards!
    Nicole Hause is PRO for Real Skateboards and ESS has both her new pro models in the house!!! There's a classic 8.5 Pro Oval shape and a sick full shape 8.25 Storybook graphic! Hailing from Stillwater, Minnesota, Nicole is a skateboarding powerhouse known for her big air, speed, and her powerful style. PLUS Nicole's new video part for Real just dropped...
  100. Venture and Thunder Fall '22 Trucks!

    Venture and Thunder Fall '22 Trucks!
    A load of new DLX Fall '22 trucks from both Venture and Thunder have arrived at ESS! Venture has dropped their new Caleb Barnett Playoff Pros and Bobby Worrest Pro V-Lights, as well as some bright team edition '92 full-bleeds that are sure to add some color to your setup. In stock from Thunder is Zion Wright's Legacy Hollow-light model...
  101. Lovesick Collection No. 5!

    Lovesick Collection No. 5!
    Lovesick Skateboards has dropped a sick new collection and its ready to roll out at ESS! New graphics from a collaboration with artist Jay Riggio as well as an encore reissue of Lovesick's popular Roy deck, this time with a black stained veneer! Lovesick was started by Aleks Lewandowski, former Deathwish filmer/editor and art connoisseur. The brand emerged on the skateboarding...
  102. New Uma Goods in Now!

    New Uma Goods in Now!
    Tons of new goods are in from our friends at Uma Landsleds including a new board series featuring artwork by Katerina Volkova and Kelly Pelka! Also in stock are some sweet new hats, stickers, and even a woven blanket for those post-sesh naps. Uma is continually grinding out sick shapes and designs with new artists and this new drop is...

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