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  • New & Restocked Astrodeck Traction

    by Eastern Skate | August 15, 2017
    With over a month of summer left, you'll definitely want to make sure you're all stocked up on all the newest pads from Astrodeck!read more
  • Ocean & Earth’s Kanoa Igarashi Wins Vans U.S. Open

    by Eastern Skate | August 7, 2017
    Huge congrats to Ocean & Earth rider and Huntington Beach native Kanoa Igarashi on winning his first ever Van's U.S. Open!!  Igarashi is the first surfer from Orange County to win…read more
  • New Skate & Surf Racks From Beatnik

    by Eastern Skate | June 27, 2017
    The fine folks at Beatnik have been making wooden surfboard wall racks carved by hand from non-endangered trees for years, so their decision to start making skateboard racks seemed like a no-brainer!…read more
  • Ocean & Earth Surf Accessories Now In

    by Eastern Skate | May 2, 2017
    We're beyond stoked to welcome one of the world's leaders in quality and innovative surf gear back under our roof!  Ocean & Earth has been producing the world's best surf leashes…read more
  • New Brands – Vew-Do Balance Boards & Snurfer Snow Surfers

    by Eastern Skate | March 28, 2017
    We've just added two new brands to our inventory that would fit right in for the shops geared towards the surf/snow/balance trainer crowds!  Vew-Do balance boards and Snurfer snow surfers are…read more
  • DMC Swim Gear Fully Stocked

    by Eastern Skate | February 23, 2017
    DMC makes super high quality swim gear that is great for the body surfing, body boarding, and swim training crowds.  Stock up today!read more
  • New Brand – Shark Shield

    by Eastern Skate | February 2, 2017
    Shark Shield is for professional adventurers. It is the world's only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Sharks have small short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for…read more
  • M Essentials Wetsuit Care

    by Eastern Skate | January 10, 2017
    Wetsuit season is here and if you're one of our many surf accounts, you'll definitely want to keep M Essentials wetsuit accessories in stock!  M Essentials offers tons of great accessories…read more
  • New DMC Repellor Swim Fins

    by Eastern Skate | December 13, 2016
    The REPELLOR® is DMCfins’ newest Patent Pending swimfin design.  With its ultra-comfortable - universal foot cavity and Innovative RVR (Reverse VEE Rail) Technology, the REPELLOR® is a high-end OCEAN A.P.D.…read more
  • Matunas Surf Wax Candles

    by Eastern Skate | December 8, 2016
    Since 1998, Matunas wax has been the only 100% Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly surf wax, made using local organic ingredients in California straight from their family farm.  In addition to…read more
  • Sticky Bumps Stocking Stuffers

    by Eastern Skate | December 5, 2016
    Sticky Bumps has the perfect gifts you'll need for the surf crowd this holiday season with enough wax, candles, leashes, traction, and accessories to fill any stocking!  Don't get left out…read more
  • New 3D Fins

    by Eastern Skate | December 1, 2016
    3D Fins have exploded into the surf market with their signature fins designed with Dimple Technology that reduces friction and creates crazy thrust.  We just got a fresh batch of…read more
  • New Wax Mat From Surfco Hawaii

    by Eastern Skate | November 22, 2016
    The newest creation from Surfco Hawaii completely eliminates the need for traditional surf wax or E.V.A. foam traction on your stick!  Wax Mats have an excellent wet grip and are…read more
  • New Polarized Shades From Nectar

    by Eastern Skate | November 10, 2016
    Nectar is back with an all-new line of completely polarized shades for the surf and skate crowd alike!  If you're looking for high-quality sunglasses to thicken up your stocking stuffer…read more
  • Be Ready For The Swell

    by Eastern Skate | October 4, 2016
    Be sure to stock up on leashes, wax, traction, fins, bodyboards, ding repair, and other board accessories!read more
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