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  • Fall 2017 Slave Skateboards

    by Eastern Skate | October 17, 2017
    We're always stoked to see Slave come through and this time is no exception with new team/pro decks and tees!read more
  • Trace Series Now In From Prism Skate Co.

    by Eastern Skate | October 16, 2017
    Prism's new Trace series is inspired by a combined love for the richness and beauty of the outdoors as well as the gritty hard lines of the urban world!  There's everything…read more
  • New Antihero Decks & Soft Goods

    by Eastern Skate | October 12, 2017
    Head into the season strong with all the newest fall gear from Antihero!  Fresh hats, beanies, shirts, and decks are now in stock!  See it all here.read more
  • New Arrivals From Bones Wheels

    by Eastern Skate | October 11, 2017
    The newest wheels from Bones are in and ready to ship to your shop today!  Be sure to check out the all new budget-friendly Bones 100's V5 models!  Check out…read more
  • Fall 2017 Globe Skateboards

    by Eastern Skate | October 10, 2017
    Globe offers something for everyone with their diverse lineup of new decks and completes!read more
  • New & Restocked Fiveboro Decks & Soft Goods

    by Eastern Skate | October 9, 2017
    5boro NYC is back with a huge restock in addition to some new hats, tees, and these gorgeous split veneer Cinco Barrios decks!read more
  • More New Krooked Wood

    by Eastern Skate | October 6, 2017
    Get it straight with Krooked's newest deck drop!  Featured here is the Collage pro series, but there's plenty more new decks to check out along with tons of fresh completes…read more
  • New & Restocked Omen Longboards

    by Eastern Skate | October 6, 2017
    Omen is back with more premium quality downhill decks and completes!read more
  • Fall 17 Habitat Skateboards

    by Eastern Skate | October 5, 2017
    Habitat just dropped off some freshies from their fall lineup included this super clean Anima Mundi pro series!  Check out the latest licensed Pink Floyd foil decks and more here.read more
  • Fresh Blood…..Wizard

    by Eastern Skate | October 4, 2017
    Conjure up the all new Rise of the Wizard pro series from Blood Wizard today!read more
  • Fall 17 Primitive Now In

    by Eastern Skate | September 29, 2017
    Super fresh Primitive wood has just landed including this mildly-aromatic pro series!  Load up on all the other great Primitive accessories here.read more
  • New Decks From The Killing Floor

    by Eastern Skate | September 28, 2017
    Portland, OR based brand The Killing Floor just sent us some rad new decks for fall 2017!read more
  • New Brand – Meow Skateboards

    by Eastern Skate | September 27, 2017
    We couldn't be more stoked to welcome Meow Skateboards to the ESS brand family!  Meow does it for the ladies by creating a platform that is 100% dedicated to supporting…read more
  • Enjoi King Of The Road Decks Now In

    by Eastern Skate | September 26, 2017
    Enjoi just dropped off these awesome decks celebrating their victory at Thrasher's 2016 King Of The Road!  See our entire Enjoi inventory here.read more
  • New Chocolate Decks & Accessories

    by Eastern Skate | September 26, 2017
    Chocolate's first product drop for fall 2017 is in the building!  Plenty to choose from including new decks, completes, shirts, hats, beanies, and more!read more
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